Cultivating Curiosity and Stewardship

WELCOME TO TANNER SPRINGS PARK, an urban oasis of oak-prairie and wetlands – a microcosm of the richness that the Willamette Valley once held. Less than 5% remains of the original 1.7 million acres. We hope you enjoy the smorgasbord of over 72 species of native plants providing a continuous food buffet for native pollinators and other wildlife. It’s not surprising that you may find plants you’ve never seen before. For a full plant list, visit our website. 

Partners and Progress

started with a chat over hiking boots 
which lead to stewardship opportunities at Tanner Springs Park and hasn’t missed a step since 2015. Tanner Springs Park is owned and managed by Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R). The Friends of Tanner Springs partner with PP&R and have received support from the Portland Parks Foundation to build a vibrant program offering habitat restoration, wildlife monitoring, and wildlife training. Come join us.

Pamper Your Park

THE PARK DEPENDS on your help to sustain its plant diversity and health.
■  Join the volunteer team.
■  Stay on trails or large stepping stones.
■  Monitor pond life.
■  Keep contaminants out of the soil.
■  Do not bring non-native plants or wildlife into the park.
■  Respect the park’s DOG FREE policy.

Photo Attribution

Thanks to the photographers for capturing the beauty of oak-prairie and sharing them with us.

1  Western Tiger Swallowtail photo: ©Gail Massoll
2  Douglas Spirea photo: ©Tom Brandt
3  Scarlet Monkey Flower photo: ©Ron Wolf
4  Camas photo: ©Gordon Summers
5  Fireweed photo: ©Gail Massoll
6  Meadow Barley photo: ©Bay Native Nursery
7  Meadow Checker-mallow photo: ©Orlin Orbmiser
8  Yellow Pond Lily photo: ©Michele Shapiro
9  Bumble Bee photo: ©Alice Brocoum
10  Entire Leaved Gumweed photo: ©Orlin Orbmiser
11  Douglas Iris photo: ©Gail Massoll
12  Wapato photo: ©Michele Shapiro
13  Western Columbine photo: ©Gail Massoll
14  Blue-eyed Grass photo: ©Ken Wilson
15  Red Flowering Currant photo: ©Gail Massoll
16  Blue Field Gilia photo: ©Scott Simono
17  Oregon Fawn Lily photo: ©Alice Brocoum
18  Oregon White Oak photo: ©Brian Bollman

Special thanks and appreciation to Portland Parks & Recreation for their ongoing  support and print materials for capacity building and outreach for Friends of Tanner Springs.

All photos and graphics are copyright protected.