Directions and Amenities

Tanner Springs Park is located in Portland’s North Pearl District between NW 10th and 11th Street at Marshall. It is accessible by bicycle, street car, segway or car but please try and be sustainable. The Portland Streetcar has two stops on the park. Coordinates from -122.68191W, 45.53117N

Portland Streetcar B Loop: Stops at NW 10th and Northrup Street and also at NW 11th and Marshall Street.
Portland Streetcar NS Line: Stops at NW 10th and Northrup and also at NW 12th and Northrup Street.

Tanner Springs Park is a dog free park. The sensitive nature of the ecosystem designed with a bioswale and pond cannot process the contaminants in dog urine and feces. A dog’s predatory behavior also impacts and disturbs our wildlife who depend on this little oasis in the city and call it home.

Explore two other parks within walking distance. Located just north of Tanner Springs Park, is The Fields, a sports field with an adjacent dog park and children’s playground. Just south of Tanner Springs Park, is Jamison Squarea contemplative tree lined green space with a synchronized water fountain–a favorite for children in the summer time.  A short distance away is the North Park Blocks with a bocce ball court, basketball court, children’s playground and 12-foot bronze elephant sculpture.

Public restrooms are located at The Fields Park and Jamison Square.

Explore the Pearl

Explore the Pearl is the official website for Portland’s Pearl District.  All things necessary to make your visit easier and more tailored–interactive maps, downloadable maps, apps, and more can be found on the ABOUT page.  “The urban legend of the Pearl District’s name is as extraordinary as the neighborhood itself. One story suggests that an oyster-canning factory once sat amidst the aging warehouses, another proposes that Chinese seafarers hid pearls beneath cobble-stoned Twelfth Street. Regardless of which fable you’ve heard, there is an intimation of both beauty and ugliness in the name— which conjures an image of the elegant gem nestled in a drab, rough shell, waiting to be discovered.”–from Explore the Pearl

The Pearl Magazine

Published quarterly, The Pearl magazine is delivered to households in the Pearl and beyond as part of Portland Monthly, and is available at select locations throughout the district. The Pearl provides its readers with the latest news and happenings in the Pearl, deeper articles on people and personalities of the Pearl, as well as a walking map and member business listings.