Community Stewardship

Parke Diem brought our community together for a successful planting despite weather setbacks and rescheduling. Friends of Tanner Springs Park,  Portland Parks and Recreation employees and new volunteers extended our mosaic of native prairie grass and perennials. Tufted Hair Grass was interwoven with Oregon Sunshine,  Slender Cinquefoil and Douglas Iris. Under our Oregon White Oaks we planted two species of Oregon Grape. Scattered in our xeric area are more Spirea and Oregon Sunshine. Total numbers: 100 Tufted Hair Grass, 10 Oregon Sunshine, 10 Slender Cinquefoil, 36 Douglas Iris, 30 Mahonia (Nervosa and Repens) and 10 Spirea. We were disappointed in the date change and know some volunteers couldn’t make the planting. Please come volunteer with us another time. Big thank you to all that could make it, especially those that came all the way from Colorado!

Parke Diem is a citywide event that gives the entire community a way to give back to their park spaces. Since its inception the event has invested 10,000 volunteer hours and has given over $20,000 in supplies like plants, gravel and other equipment that stay in Portland’s Parks. Parke Diem, the collaboration of the Portland Parks Foundation and Portland Parks & Recreation, will bring together 1,000 volunteers,  58 community gardens, neighborhood parks and natural areas across Portland this year.