Portland Parks & Recreation


Portland’s parks, public places, natural areas, and recreational opportunities give life and beauty to the city. These essential assets connect people to place, self, and others. Portland’s residents treasure and care for this legacy, building on the past to provide future generations.


Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R)’s mission is to help Portlanders play – providing safe places, facilities, and programs that promote physical, mental, and social activity. They get people, especially kids, outside, active, and connected to the community. As they do this, there will be an increase in their residents’ wellness and the livability of the city. They will accomplish this through:

  • Establishing, safeguarding, and restoring the parks, natural areas, public places, and urban forest of the city, ensuring that these are accessible to all;
  • Developing and maintaining excellent facilities and places for public recreation and community building;
  • Providing dynamic recreation programs and services that promote health and well-being for all;
  • Partnering with the community they serve.

PP&R Stats

Portland Parks & Recreation is a bureau that manages the city parks, natural areas, recreational facilities, gardens, and trails of the City of Portland, Oregon. The properties, which occupy more than 11,712 acres, are staffed and maintained by about 598 permanent employees, 3,115 part-time employees, and more than 457,538 volunteer hours. The 1903 Olmsted Portland park plan largely guided the development of Portland’s park system.

In 1999, a Vision Team comprised of city residents and PP&R staff, along with thousands of residents, began developing a vision to protect Portland’s heritage, make recreation services available to all, and leave a legacy for Portland children that is better than their inheritance. The goals of Parks 2020 Vision are to:

  • Ensure Portland’s park and recreation legacy for future generations.
  • Provide a wide variety of high-quality park and recreation services and opportunities for all residents.
  • Preserve, protect, and restore Portland’s natural resources to provide “nature in the city.”
  • Create an interconnected regional and local system of trails, paths, and walks to make Portland “the walking city of the West.”
  • Develop parks, recreation facilities, and programs that promote community in the city.


Portland Parks & Recreation offers a variety of fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities at sites across the city. Volunteer coaches, teacher aides, and mentors are always needed in youth programs–and the parks, gardens, and natural areas welcome extra hands. Ongoing and one-day projects are available, and no experience is necessary. Annually, Portlanders volunteer over 450,000 hours with PP&R to help make parks great!
For individual or group volunteering, contact Steve Pixley, steve.pixley@portlandoregon.gov, volunteer coordinator, for more information. 

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